Desserts for Delivery (Temporarily closed)

Dear Guests,
Due to overwhelming support from the Portland  and Vancouver community, I am currently at max capacity. Thank y'all so much!
As some of you may know, Shop Halo Halo is a one woman show, and in addition to making desserts, I also hand make most of the other merchandise sold on my website! I will be closing delivery orders online temporarily while I catch up on back-orders, restock, and make a few updates to my website. 
Maraming salamat for your continued support and patience!
If you'd like to know how ordering works and what items are generally available, please take a peep at the information below!
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Calamansi Tart (Vegan, GF)
An almond and chickpea crust filled with homemade calamansi curd, and topped with a slice of dried lemon
Puto Cheese
A small steamed rice cake topped with melted white cheddar.
A steamed sticky rice cake made with caramelized coconut milk
A coconut rice cake baked in banana leaves and topped with shredded cheese
Ube Tart (Vegan)
A crisp and flaky coconut oil crust filled with ube halaya (purple yam jam), and topped with toasted coconut
A delicate, meringue-based French cookie filled with Swiss buttercream.

Buko Pandan
Salted Caramel
Guava Lilikoi
Champorado (Chocolate with crisp rice)
Mini Cheesecakes (Vegan, GF Options)
Mini cashew-based cheesecakes

Blueberry Calamansi (GF)
Matcha Mango (GF)
Vanilla Candied Peach
Raspberry Lilikoi (GF)
Strawberry Guava (GF)
Tiramisu Mousse Cake (Vegan, GF)
Layers of creamy chocolate-coffee and vanilla mousse atop a cocoa-hazelnut-almond base, topped with cocoa powder and dried rose petals
Sapin Sapin (Vegan, GF)
Sapin Sapin is one of a variety of Filipino kakanin, traditional coconut and sticky rice cakes. This particular kakanin is made up of layers of rice flour, each layer a different flavor-- Purple for Ube, White for Coconut, and Yellow for Jackfruit. This sapin sapin is about the size of your average muffin, served with coconut caramel sauce and topped with shredded coconut.
Leche Flan
Filipino style creme caramel--a creamy egg custard made with condensed milk instead of sugar to give it that signature rich flavor and texture
Cassava Cake (GF, Vegan Option)
A classic Filipino dessert made from grated cassava and coconut milk
Creme Brulee (GF)
A rich custard made with egg yolks, heavy cream, and vanilla bean, topped with hardened carmelized sugar
Taho (Vegan, GF)
Taho is a Filipino dessert made with soft/silken tofu, arnibal (brown sugar syrup) and sago (tapioca pearls). It is popular as a light breakfast or sweet afternoon snack, served warm or at room temperature. Served in an 8oz togo cup.
Buko Pie (Vegan Option)
The perfect combo of crispy, buttery pastry, and luscious coconut custard filling. Topped with a brown sugar streusel
Turon (Frozen, Vegan)
A sweet Filipino springroll filled with a caramelized banana and jackfruit.
Ube Cheese Pandesal
Soft and fluffy ube (purple yam) pandesal filled with gouda cheese
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How does it work?
Please refer to the map to the right and the zipcode list beneath it which indicate the areas of Portland and Vancouver to which I am able to deliver at this time. Place an order from the menu below and select from the listed delivery dates
The delivery of your pre-order will be made between the hours of 12pm-6pm on the date you selected. You will receive a confirmation when your order is out for delivery and a confirmation after the delivery is made. Please be sure to note an entry code if you live in an apartment building.
Please be aware that this menu may change while supplies last. 

Portland metro area

I Also Deliver to the following zip codes in Vancouver, Washington!

98661   98682

98662   98683

98663   98684

98664   98685

98665   98686



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