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These mooncake boxes only come twice a year, Lunar New Year early in the year, and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival in early fall! Snag one while you can. Each box comes with:


  • 2 Mooncakes-- Your choice of a traditional baked Cantonese-style mooncake (Vegan) or a rice flour "snowskin" mooncake (Vegan, Gluten-free) which either black sesame or ube fillings.
  • 2 Matcha Sugar Cookies-- Soft and chewy sugar cookies flavored with earthy matcha
  • 2 Brown Butter Miso Shortbread-- Shortbread cookies made with brown butter for nuttiness and depth of flavor and drizzled with Miso caramel icing
  • 2 Taro Buns (Dairy-Free)-- Sweet Roll Filled with a taro jam
  • 2 Ube Mochi (Gluten-Free)-- Sweet rice flour cakes made with our housemade ube halaya or purple yam jam

Lunar New Year Halo-Halo Box

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