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For whom

A series featuring the women who've influenced and empowered me


Maria Luisa Abenoja

...I was scared, you know? But I knew I had to go so that I could support my family. I am the oldest of seven kids. I had to help my siblings finish school and if I had stayed in the Philippines, I never would have been able to do that. The work was so hard, but the pay was not enough for survival. Can you imagine? I would be taking care of 20 patients with active TB, but my pay is only 700 pesos for 2 weeks. It was not enough to live on my own, let alone send my brothers and sisters to school and support my mom. I was in Saudi Arabia for a while and it was nice, but as the money started to lessen, I knew I had to leave again....Read Full Story

Ines Ruedas

Full story coming soon

Lourdes abenoja

Full story coming soon

Shay & Mia

Full story coming soon

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